June 15th, 2005


grab bag

To the powers that be: Thanks for filling that request for some cool air. This is really quite nice.

If anyone gets a call from the Somerville Police Relief Association, I did a little checking with the actual Somerville police, it seems they are actually legitimate, with an actual charity event coming at the end of the summer.

I'm starting to think Falcon Ridge and GenCon Indy thoughts. Road trips, campsite organization, event coordination, that sort of thing. Anyone for a road trip to either? Anyone got any open slots at a table for a 5th-level rogue/swashbuckler? How about a group of tents I should set up near?

It's very interesting to see the interaction between paladins' immunity to disease and a biological weapons laboratory. I hadn't thought that one through. Another great part is how each side detected as Evil to the other side. So I went a little righteous, tossing beakers into labs full of cowering scientists all plotting the destruction of the world. It was great!