June 8th, 2005


what should I do with my upcoming three-day weekend?

I'm taking suggestions...  I want to do something bigger than just hanging out. 

Driving - I could drive to NYC, Foxwoods, or somewhere northwards and oceanic, stay at a nice place a couple nights, see some sights, maybe catch a musical, a concert, or a breeze.  I could organize a day trip to Water Country, Six Flags NE, Nashoba Valley Winery, or ... what was that place up north that chenoameg was talking about having a weekend near at some point?  Hmm...

It looks like there's a pretty cheap fare to Pittsburgh on NWA, or I could spend miles to visit Minnesota... 

I could take a ferry to that island in Boston Harbor with the fort.  I could walk the Freedom Trail, ride a duck boat, ride a swan boat...  find out if the drive-in theatre is running yet...

[Edit: Oh, right, and there's Salem Saturday afternoon, too...]

And I need people to go with me for at least some of this - tell me if you'd be interested in joining me on any of these plans.
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