May 23rd, 2005


reading reviews...

I think I'm glad I saw Sith alone.  Sure, it sucked, but it didn't get that feedback loop of "doesn't this suck?" "yeah, it sure sucks" going, to make it terribly obvious it sucked during the showing.

I would have liked to see an Episode III that would allow someone to watch the series in order.  As it is, it is absolutely imperative for any newcomer to see IV, V, and VI before I, II, and III.  Period.

good scrabble day

Got a few triple word scores, started the game with "quince" (which was upgraded from "quiner" when it was discovered that word wasn't in the Scrabble dictionary...) No seven-letter words... don't think I've ever managed one of those, actually... but I managed to do some good stuff with single letters, connecting quince and "_E_T" to make quinces and seat with my last move... Continued generally being thwarty through the whole game. Certain housemates have implied I might want to find a way to lock my door so I can sleep safely tonight.

It wasn't actually that good but it was one of the more fun Scrabble games I've played in a long time.