May 12th, 2005


weight, exercise, and hope

Well, since that time I declared a weight emergency (how long ago was it?), I've lost ten of the pounds I gained since I got to town. Presumably they were easy-to-lose temporary pounds, since I haven't been doing much besides eating slightly better, being a little more active, and ...

Oh, right, I have been going to the gym twice a week, thanks to motivation from baronet... There's just so much that's good about having him as a coworker, this is just one of the minor ones. I really do need to figure out something to absorb my attention during the sessions on the elliptical trainer, though; yesterday, CNN was all there was, and during the commercials I felt a real difference in ability to keep it up.

It was a shorter session, 20 minutes of "cardio" setting. All that means is, I went fast enough to get my heart rate up to 150, to keep the machine from cranking up the resistance on me. I think that the machine is a little flawed in that way, actually; last Friday I put the thing on cardio, but didn't get off to a fast enough start... all that did was make it get tougher and tougher, and I moved slower and slower, in a spiral of not-raising-my-heart-rate. I do look forward to the time that doing that kind of thing is routine; once I'm in better shape...

I've still gained weight compared to when I moved back, but I'm moving in the right direction. Just need to keep it up.

UI element mixed review

So, tables have headers, and those headers are often clickable; click on the "Subject" column header in Thunderbird, and suddenly your mail is sorted by subject...  Same for date, sender, etc.  This is a common UI element.

Anyone else find themselves going to click on their most recently received message, missing just a little, and staring at all the mail you ever got that had no Subject: header?