April 15th, 2005


weighty issues of the day

So, over the past four months or so, I've gained about 15 pounds.  This needs to stop.

I brought my gym bag into work today, and I'm going to work out at lunchtime.  I'm going to start biking to work on days I'm not bringing my gym bag to or from the office.

I'm going to stop eating french fries.  I'm going to eat salad for lunch a lot more often, and stop with the cheesy foods like pizza or garlic bread.  I'll have more fruits and vegetables around the house, and eat sandwiches made with lean cold cuts, vegetables, whole-grain bread, and (as a concession to flavor), cheese. 

No more heavy tasty drinks at work, just water and the occasional diet soda.

I'll write down all the food I eat.  This is only the beginning.  But I finally got up the nerve to weigh myself this morning, and this is unacceptible.


I have this craving to have an excuse to go see Sahara again.  Even though there are other movies out there that I still need to see.  Even over Sin City, I'd like to just go enjoy the ride again.

That's insane.

I totally need an Al Giordino LJ icon.