March 29th, 2005

mind go

a good day's work

There's just something good about a really long day of work that's long because you're making progress and getting to a good stopping point... even if it's all about getting the stuff to the point that a coworker will no longer be blocked on you come morning.

And then coming home to The Incredibles on DVD arriving from Amazon... Won't get to watch much but I can at least catch the beginning before bed. :)

In the morning, I will go to the car dealer before work and get coolant. This is imperative. The little red light has been intermittent for almost a week now. Also, I should see about borrowing vise grips and bolt cutters from forgotten_aria if I can be around when she is. To get the license plates off my car. The impact driver isn't enough tools to get the things off my car.

Maybe the dealer will help me if I mention it in passing while buying the coolant. But somehow, I doubt it.