March 20th, 2005


damn that was good

Wow. Good party.

I'm glad I scaled back the cooking plans to something a little more manageable. I was prepping food through the whole afternoon, taking social breaks to see people, but mostly making soup and chili happen. And garlic; gotta remember to make that garlic a whole *lot* more often. It turned out so good!

And there were these cheapo $3-for-six or so foil pans that were perfect for roasting the garlic in.

So many people. There was some cognitive dissonance for me as different groups met but it all turned out good. People managed to entertain themselves when I was distracted, and... parties manage themselves. Did you know that? People like to have fun, and manage to do so even when not told exactly how to.

Heh. This shouldn't be news to me.

So many people helped make this a great day. Wooooot!

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