March 15th, 2005


weekend at ConnCon

So in the D&D world, I went to ConnCon this weekend.  It was great fun!

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Spree advanced to be a 5th-level Rogue, died, and then advanced to 5th again in the last slot of the con.  This gave me some time to think about how to advance his level, for once.  I'm looking around at these other books, like Complete Warrior, and a few ideas come to mind for how to be a little more interesting a character...

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Anyway, lemurtanis, don't feel bad for having killed me at the table this weekend.  The dice fell where they did, and it sure beats the time Spree was killed by a DM who just enjoyed killing players occasionally...  But more importantly, the death lets me reshuffle things quite a bit, and in the long run I'm pretty sure Spree will be happy I didn't make him take a fifth level of Rogue again.

how'd that happen?

I've been at work 11 hours.  And we even had a working lunch.

And I don't feel tired or slow or bored or itching to go home.  Though it is time to head out to dinner...  but that's interrupt-driven leaving work, not sort of... needing to leave.

Maybe it was the free lunch.