February 9th, 2005


What if Superman were one of us?

From Jeffrey Rowland's Overcompensating.  Also check out his webcomic at http://www.wigu.com/.  Or rather, his webcomics; his "Wigu" comic finished in January, he then started up "TV Network Channel," which I thought was going to last a while, but now he's onto Magical Adventures in Space, a kind of spinoff from the old Wigu.

I liked TV Network Channel.  Science Cop was the best! :)  Unfortunately at the moment he's not sure where TV Network Channel archives go on his site; he'll figure it out, I'm sure.

tooth status

Ok, so I guess I owe people a followup.  I went to the dentist yesterday at 3:40 to have him look at my tooth and stuff.

X-rays show no cavities; the dentist agrees from having looked around a bit.  The gums are a little receded, maybe it's sensitivity due to that. 

It's also possible that it's related to me grinding my teeth at night; I'm pretty sure I do this, at least a little, and during the day too.  I've done it since I had a filling put in that was a little uneven, I think.  So it's possibly sore ligaments in the gums.

Nothing drastic, and my dental insurance covered the whole visit.  This dentist (Bean recommended Kendall Dental Associates) gave me a good vibe the way no other has before...  maybe the way he went out of his way to say he didn't want to drill when it might not be necessary (and really, it looks like it's not at this point.)

Still, this scare might be just enough to get me brushing and flossing religiously again.