January 30th, 2005


Air Force One

So I got bumped from my Delta flight back from DC, when it got cancelled due to crew illness. They rebooked me on Air Force One.

That's right, the actual President of the United States was on board my flight on USAir tonight; John Kerry was in first class. Ken Blackwell be damned, I'm going to enjoy my flight on Air Force One. I even got to tell him "Thanks for everything" in the boarding line (thus getting my fan moment in with minimal disruption to his day), though his briefcase was in his hand so I couldn't ask to shake it.

Talked a little with the older woman next to me in the plane about the election and stuff... and thought about what I would have said had I had more prep time. But really, I don't have anything to say that he hasn't already heard.

The one question I'd like a straightforward answer from him about, I'm sure he couldn't answer. "President Bush gave you some assurances, in private, to secure your vote to approve action in Iraq. Did he break his word, in letter or in spirit, at the time we invaded?"

Thoughts on what else I should have asked?

another political moment, in the terminal, watching CNN

An anchor was interviewing some general about the elections in Iraq. He actually asked, paraphrased,

"[The military is out in force, keeping the peace, ensuring safety on voting day.] Instead of saying one roadside bomb went off in Iraq today, wouldn't it be better to say that 99% of the country didn't have a roadside bomb go off?"

Flabbergasted. Among the least of my concerns about that statement is the fact that 1% is a helluva lot of country.