January 5th, 2005


addiction vs. life

No zephyr from work today...  it's not that it costs me productivity, it's just that it's starting to substitute for life.  I can sit around and be part of a community with pretty much no effort except the occasional snarky remark.  Or rather, it artificially fills my needs for community while I spend all my free time on World of Warcraft.  It makes me feel like I'm moving forward with meeting people when, in fact, I've been nearly completely static since November. 

I was alive for a couple days this week, setting off a slight flurry of friends-only posts and giving me a little boost of adrenaline for risk-taking and crush-having and stupid-being.  And I don't think I'm going to go back into a coma just because that chapter is closed.

Winter Fantasy

So there's this convention coming up, Winter Fantasy, that I'm considering going to.  I'd get to take part in the Mark of Heroes campaign kickoff, hang out with friends (who presumably won't be as hosed as they were during Anonycon) and generally have a good time.

Do I know anyone who would want to split hotel costs?  Delta has a direct flight for $163 at the moment; it's going to be surprisingly cheap.  C'mon, you know you want to go!  Con gaming is different, and fun!

(no subject)

This disconnected feeling is really disturbing.  I've snuck a peek at Zephyr a couple times so far today, but gotten out reasonably quickly.  At one point I had a good reason for being there, looking around to see if I knew anyone who might be interested in splitting my Winter Fantasy hotel room, but ... 

It's so quiet.  It's almost unbearable.
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Danger: Do Not Read

...unless you want to have your worst fears confirmed by the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff.


I really hoped that they were all reports from crackpots, that it was our side's Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh throwing this all out there...

Also not to read, the Columbia Journalism Review's take on media's handling of "Rathergate". http://cjr.org/issues/2005/1/pein-blog.asp
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