November 6th, 2004


Ken-#$!@ing-tucky ;-)

11:30pm-arrive Dayton International Airport, rent car, drive to Hebron, KY
2am-arrive at hotel after getting slightly lost (10 minutes) and getting some dinner.  Find my bed unmade and towels on the floor in the bathroom.  Don't care.
9:30am-wake up.  Clean up, get breakfast in the hotel lobby (make-your-own waffles!) and call up Chet to get taken to the plant.
2pm-lunch at a little fast food chili place.  Got a chili dog and chili on spaghetti, as a combo.  Drank three cups of Diet Pepsi, getting caffeinated up.
8pm-finally out of work, many bugs fixed, some timing issues still unresolved.  We head to dinner, talking about timing, past jobs, and past trips.  Good dinner at a tex/mex place; I got ribs and steak, and a margerita.
10pm-arrive at hotel, start thinking about bed...  it's tempting, but instead I go online (high-speed internet in this hotel) and look to see who's around.  I write an LJ entry.

It may be bedtime after all.  Who knows?

Not bad, though.  Good feeling of accomplishment.