November 3rd, 2004


the updated lyrics, 2004 edition

I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free... to wear sunscreen

On the other hand, Ohio could still turn our way on provisional ballots. It's a long shot, but so is coming back from 0-3.

At least I can sleep reasonably well knowing I helped PA go blue, and knowing that MN went blue without my help. Also, it looks like Andy might be winning... with just Wabasha County reporting in. That would be ... well, something of a consolation prize, I guess.

Beh. Don't want four more years.

Gotta figure out how to work within the "new" system to make things happen. Can't just leave the country, it's still better than all the alternative systems. I just hope we can keep the part of the government that says "we protect minorities from the majority." It's starting to look like that may not be what we get.

Hold on, Rehnquist... four more years...

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I do believe in Kerry. I do. I do.

No concession until the last vote is counted. No concession until the last legal challenge to voting machine irregularities or to ... does anyone know the nature of the legal challenges I've heard rumors of?

We have to have a Justice Department. We have to have an EPA. We have to have a moderate Supreme Court that believes in the founding fathers' beliefs.

We can come back from 0-3 here. We have to.

farwing is right. 100%

So.  Whose goobernatorial campaign needs me for 2006?  I'm ready to go.

Edit: Holy crap, I just learned that Jeb's term-limited in Florida! He can't run again in 2006! *happy dance*