October 25th, 2004


walking to work... and other thoughts

...I can't decide if I enjoyed walking to work.  It felt healthy though, so I guess I can keep it up for a while, see if I settle into the rhythm.  I really need to get outside more, and do more healthy things.

Great weekend for Red Sox fans.  Two great games, one of them even a solid win.  Funny how Schilling has that effect.  He overcame four defensive errors with his pitching alone, to hold the Cards to one (unearned) run.  Phenomenal.  Hopefully it'll be less damp in St. Louis, and that'll help stop the errors from coming at us.  We're at 4 per game so far... 

Work this week should be exciting.  People on site will be calling us asking for bug fixes as they're needed.  Reactive mode, where I gotta fix things as fast as they come in if I can.  I love these weeks.

*cross fingers* Things are looking ok for hitting the road westward Thursday night.

oxymoron of the day

"no litmus test except for how they interpret the Constitution"

I was just commenting to a coworker earlier today that it sure would kick up the campaigns a notch if a justice announced his/her retirement before the election...  But I didn't mean for this to happen.
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