October 24th, 2004


damn timing

Trina Hamlin is playing Club Passim tomorrow night, and I scheduled a party for then! D'oh!

Edit for factoid that doesn't deserve its own post: the first time I started watching baseball, in 1987, when my Minnesota Twins won the World Series, they were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. And every game in that series was won by the home team. Neat, huh?

And a quick heads-up... in the morning I may decide to cancel the party tomorrow night, in favor of a more relaxing time leading into what may be a tough week at work. I will post and send email by noon if that's the case; so far I have something like four or five positive RSVPs though.

ball park party cancelled

I'm cancelling the party for tonight. Only got a very few RSVPs, and it feels ... poorly planned, so far. Or as yet still totally unplanned.

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