October 22nd, 2004


Ball Park Frank Party!

(anyone know where I can find a better alton brown lj icon?  I know I'm gonna get hassled for this one yet again)

Take me out to the ballgame!  Sunday night, at Serendipity (ping me for directions), we'll watch game 2 of the World Series, where Curt Schilling will pitch against some pretty red bird. 

Starting around 7 there will be hot dogs.  I will be attempting to cook these hot dogs ballpark style, once I find out what this means; perhaps they are steamed, perhaps they are boiled.  I will find good quality franks, probably pork, maybe beef if I get enough people saying they won't eat the pork ones.  If there's enough call I may have a separate pot going for tofu franks.  There will be condiments and chips to go with these hot dogs, and there will be beer.  I'll also take suggestions.

Hot dogs!  Get yer hot dogs, right here!

RSVP to me by email.  Thanks!
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