September 1st, 2004


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I'm feeling like perhaps I bounced a little too much yesterday in my post.  Yes, I was high from some accomplishments at work, and some praise I got.  The sun was shining, and there was a cool breeze, I was relaxing at home, not too hot for the first time since I got there, and things were starting to come together (though really I should be getting on the ball there; there's a lot left to do.) 

But reading it now it feels like bragging.  Oh well, what's LJ, anyway?  *shrug*

It's time to run some numbers and see just how much I'm kidding myself over my actual monetary status here.  Even with three different little influences coming together here, it can't be as good as it seems.  I'm definitely missing something.

Today I'll go to the Watertown mall at lunch and move my car registration over and stuff.  Though I guess September 1 might be a scary time to visit the RMV.  Hmm.

[Edit] I should probably have insurance lined up before I head over to the RMV, now that I think about it... I'll call my old company over at Garret-Lynch, I guess. Though now that I think about that I should probably get my AAA membership transferred to MA first as well.

One last note... this new style I picked has no "edit this post" link in it. I'll have to figure out how to customize this thing a bit more sometime, I guess.
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