August 31st, 2004



I must be insane.  I'm looking at this and thinking "This could be the computer I use for the next ten years."

I've already ordered two.  (Well, ordered one, then changed my mind and went bigger...  have to wait for business hours to cancel the first.)  I may cancel, but I have a couple weeks to think about it, and one of the first spots in the line for deliveries, thanks to my uncanny 5:30 wakeup this morning.

But man, is that thing beautiful.
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Spendy mood

This here is what I call my spendy mood.  I'm confident about my job, energized by a feeling of real accomplishment there... and getting ideas for what I could do at home if I had things set up just right...

I'm feeling good about my job; the company is doing well, and my work is about to have a direct influence on this.  Competent, fun, and engaging.  And various factors are making my take-home pay significantly higher than it used to be (taxes are lower in MA, I'm not having money taken out for a stock purchase plan, rent is lower, and my salary is higher), so I'm feeling a little...  prosperous.  High as a kite, more like.

This is why last night at karaoke I got the idea of spending $600 on a SCD-G player and 2800 songs' worth of karaoke.  This is why this morning I ordered the new 20" iMac (thus effectively ending the idea of the SCD-G player, at least as long as that thing stays on order).  I have 3-4 weeks before they ship the thing; three to four weeks to come to my senses, and cancel the order.

Again I'm sitting here wondering how I got to this place...  I guess I made some tough choices.  Effectively took a 20-month vacation (14 months of that paid in a job I was, apparently, overqualified for) and came back refreshed and really ready to stretch my brainpower a bit.  I really hope this feeling lasts.

In other news, tonight I spent a little time playing around with LJ's style stuff...  With minimal work I've got my friends page in the same style as my home page, though without the links.  I hope to learn the Perl stuff of their layers system well enough to get the journal to basically seem to be an integral part of my homepage.  Mess around a little with DNS and it could really be neat.  Or, at least, fun to set up.

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