August 13th, 2004

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a great evening

Last night I had a great time hopping around from place to place...  Started out leaving work in time for my 6pm meeting at a Green campaign volunteer's house so we could talk about strategy and get psyched.  We talked for a bit, split up work, scheduled a couple things, and then I went with another volunteer to lit-drop a street; she had a time constraint and I was giving her a ride to her next thing.  We finished up the street and when I asked her where she was going, she said she had to pick up her farmshare before 8pm at this cohousing thing in Porter Square...

I said "oh, outerjenise's place" and told her how Jenise and chenoameg were in on the same farmshare and the world seemed to be small and stuff...  Dropped her off just in time for the farmshare pickup (I hope!) and went and visited outerjenise and Alex and their daughter Annelise. (I just checked, and they use real names over at outerjenise :-)  Got there just as they received their order of slightly too much Indian food, so they asked if I would join them and it turned into a dinner visit.  Annelise was mostly behaving, munching away on strained veggies (having started just recently on solid foods) and we had a good bit of evening, just sitting and chatting.

After that, over to Serendipity, where I looked for, and failed to find, my camera (shipped a couple days ago by Abe's of Maine - a huge discount on the camera I ended up choosing, the Canon PowerShot S410), hung out with some folks, and got asked by baronet if we wanted an electric garage door opener.  I decided I would like to use the garage for my car (!) and said I'd pay half the price if he got the opener and this would give me dibs on the garage for my car.  The more I think about this, the more of a win it seems.

After that, over for a quick visit to forgotten_aria to drop off her "Your Head A Splode" shirt.  I just wish I could have been wearing my "Limozeen" shirt at the time (I'm wearing it today...) but it was just nice to stop by and see her.  And her "ugly" new shoes (which I really don't think count as ugly)...

Then home to cozy house and an early bedtime.  Whee!

Yesterday's accomplishments during the day - new keyboard for iBook (Man, it's weird being able to trust the keyboard on that thing again; it'll take some getting used to), got return authorization for the saute pan that came from Amazon with a shattered lid, got the insurance guy to look at my car's hood (more on that later once I figure out whether I've already written about that here), and disorganizing a going-away lunch for the teammate who's leaving.

All in all, Thursday was a good day.
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"the tragic king who killed his father, then married his mother, a sequence of events that seldom turns out well."

Y'ever feel sorry for Bob Costas?