August 5th, 2004


Thursday Next

Looking at Amazon's description of Something Rotten, the fourth Thursday Next novel...  and remembering what I do about the third...  I wonder if there's any point in picking it up.  The series has kind of descended into absurdity.  The first book (The Eyre Affair) was excellent, original and wacky while having a consistency to its plot devices.  The second (Lost in a Good Book) was also very enjoyable; one or two new inventions, their implications delved, the universe stayed mostly the same shape. 

The third book (The Well of Lost Plots)...  just got silly.  It takes place almost entirely in the "book world" thing, transforming this fantastic thing into the routine.  Every third page introduced a new plot device, and the plot really felt like it had little direction to it.

Something Rotten came out really, really fast, from my reckoning.  Though, it does sound like it might be a return to the earlier novels' style...  I'll probably give it a chance; lots of series stumble for one book and then get back on track, don't they? 


Let's see if I can make this another 24oz. day.

Edit: Ew, maybe it'll only be 12oz. This Diet Coke expired June 7. The aspartame has gone inert. I can hardly bring myself to finish the can. *chug* er, maybe not. I guess I'm an addict. :)