July 24th, 2004


recent aborted plans

softball game (my participation called due to confusion, traffic, and frustration...)
walden last night (ran just a little too late on the run; didn't realize when we made the decision to run "just a little more" it'd result in so many people bailing :-/)

oh well.

Lantern festival

So Thursday night I got an excellent last-minute invitation to the Japanese Lantern Festival, at the Forest Hills cemetary in Jamaica Plain... It was a great mellow evening with me and cthulhia... I put out a lantern for my paternal grandparents, Ray Charles, and Jerry Goldsmith. It was the first time I'd thought about the grandparents in a while; I still don't have a lot of connection to any of my family besides my parents. :-/

I did silently thank them for watching over me though. I wonder if that's weird or inconsistent, but the amazingness of my life has to have come from somewhere, right? Hmm.

Anyway, I gots Collapse )

Afterwards, the drive home was fun too; low on gas, getting lost in JP, ending up getting on 93 down by the Blue Hills... Twice there I recognized where we were from some odd sense of familiarity ("If we see a bowling alley up here on the right, we're where I think we are, and we're going the wrong way"). To Davis, to Diesel, to sitting and sipping among the statuary, and then home well past my bedtime.

All-in-all, a fun way to turn a day great.
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