July 21st, 2004

turning victoria

Boston Status Report

It's been a very interesting two or three weeks here... Two dates that kinda didn't go far (one in a wacky way, the other in the usual way :), a new job that involves communication and teamwork, and being micromanaged to some extent. But I'm keeping up and making things make sense, and telling people what they need to know about what I'm doing, and it's good. I'm going to make my Friday deadline.

My stuff got picked up from my old apartment, finally, and is on a truck, probably somewhere in or near Maryland at this point... it'll veer north soon enough, and they expect to beat the DNC to town by a full day, dropping my stuff off on Sunday. Into the garage, since the landlords don't move out for a bit. I'll probably nickel and dime it...

The potential third person for our household, Jeff, seems to have some ambitious ideas about things like taking down the wood paneling in the TV room and the remaining bedroom... which is a significant project, but doable, probably one room per weekend. He also wants music nights and potluck nights, for which I am psyched. This could be good.

We shall, as always, see.