July 8th, 2004


DFA Meetup - upcoming events

The DFA Meetup here was pretty nice. There's a good bunch of stuff coming up.

Good location. The Red Line is a really nice bar, a little on the upscale side. Had a great roast beef sandwich there, with real homemade mashed potatoes.

There's a bunch of things to help with coming up here... starting tomorrow! The Progressive Democrats of Somerville, is meeting at 99 Dover Street at 7pm on Thursday. Apparently they've got a real structure and some real ability to make things happen. I'm gonna go check them out tomorrow night.

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All of this is mentioned at DemocracyforMA.org.

There are also three local state house campaigns they pushed...

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Wondering what district you're in? Try Where do I vote MA?

So, who's with me tomorrow night at the Progressive Democrats of Somerville?
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Progressive Democrats of Somerville endorsed three candidates tonight. Two of them are liberal democrats in a primary fight with a conservative dem incumbent. One of them will affect the vote in the constitutional convention next year.

The candidate who came along and talked reminded me a bit of Andy Welti, actually. Very cool.

Rock on. It's good to have a chance to have an impact.

Oh, after the meeting I went and saw Mean Girls... not enough Tina Fey! But still very good. :)
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