June 18th, 2004


karaoke... late!

Well, at least this isn't a hangover.

That was quite the night. I have so many great friends here... How the heck can I leave it all behind? Well, I'm on the roller coaster now. clack clack clack, slowly goin' up that hill.

Songs I got to sing (I gotta thank Kyle here for making sure I got one last song in at the end of the night... it was crowded!) - Your Wildest Dreams (Moody Blues), Pretty Fly for a White Guy (The Offspring), Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf, in honor of my forthcoming road trip), Short Skirt/Long Jacket (Cake), and finally my old standby, Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Drinks: Two beers, a "Jagerbomb" (done wrong, but made a little bigger to compensate for the lack of dual shot glasses), and a "Lemon Drop". Fisher-Price's "My First Shots." :)

We hung out in their hotel room for a bit afterwards, but at 2:30 I realized my last drink had been at 11, and while I was tired, I was also pretty much sober... and roadworthy... so I drove home.

So I woke up with no hangover. I must have done something right!

There were cute girls there both in our group (hi gals!) and at the nearby booth... The random hot blonde was up in lots of guys' faces that night and for some reason I was all like "must not stare" and ended up chatting up the other two... turns out they were local schoolteachers (after I spent like ten minutes trying to guess what they do - "You're cops!" "Yeah! ...No!" - after all that, Lish figured it out)... But when nordicgrrl went up to do "Toxic", they all went "Ooh! Britney!" and turned to watch closely.

I'm getting old or something :)

I better get ready and head to work. At least I only need six hours today.
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the DNC

Say what you will about DNC road closings and junk like that... It's damn convenient it's in Boston this year, for those of us who have friends who will be attending the convention :)