June 11th, 2004



I guess I haven't really made it official yet here. So here's the news.

June 22 is my last day at Ciber and at IBM. I will then drive my car and some of my stuff across the country, seeing sights on the way, to arrive June 27 to crash with someone until I find an apartment to move into (I have a very likely prospect at the moment; we'll see how I feel when I see it in person :)... And then I start June 28 at Connecterra, in a kickass new job with things like real responsibility, real engineering, and real prospects for the future.

Rock on.
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yummy thunderstorm. the alert sirens actually went off here for the tornado warning. i watched some slowly spinning clouds zip on by.

mmm. thanks for the excellent sendoff, Rochester. and thanks for keeping it away from my actual departure date. :)