May 23rd, 2004

mind go


dim sum 11:30 chau chow city (downtown crossing, chauncy st. exit, take a right, go to essex st., take a left, look for toy noodle company)

new! SHREK 2 - 8:10pm at Loews Assembly Square.

more journalage to come, but I figured out I should get this info out there ASAP.

what's the word for that?

"being alone in a crowd"? Well, ok, that's not quite true, there were some very good moments, but I'm stretching myself thin as a drum. Er, tight as a tourniquet, dry as a... No, wait... that's not right, either.

Incredible weekend, though, starting with delayed luggage, moving through a drive through Boston with a glimpse of the new, improved, biggus diggus, and continuing on past a wonderful dinner (thanks, chenoameg!!!) and fondue, to dim sum, video games, and Shrek 2...

The people were, of course, the most important component of all this. Being pulled in many directions does make for a lack of focus, though, and I apologize if anyone didn't get the attention they deserved from me. I also apologize to people who may have gotten too much attention from me.

As for Shrek 2... wow. I was in exactly the right mood for that.