May 17th, 2004


weekend, part 1

The weekend was mixed... Dinner and hanging out with Shannon and her daughter on Friday night... played some DVD-based movie game (Scene It, I think it was called) and won. It really felt like the die rolls were just coming up my way.

Spent a lot of this weekend talking with people about why I would want to go to Boston, and why I might not. The main reason that's left for me right now is the job. It's been pointed out to me that socially things are breaking down, as they must, over time, with people leaving like I did. I didn't really have much of a love life there, and I'm not sure what leads me to think going back would make things any different. I'm starting to realize that potential impact to love life is weighing in heavily in my decisions lately. Don't know if that's bad or good.

Saturday, lunch with parents then haircut. Decided against showing up to the party of people I didn't know too many of (except for the Rochester crowd that apparently showed up in droves. Huh) Hung out with Shannon a bit, played the Star Wars trivia game. Got a call from the joyrockster, and hit the Sandtrap for a little extra-credit karaoke. They had a couple songs that I've been wanting to sing that weren't availabe at Viking!

"America," Simon & Garfunkel (got applause at first when I went up to sing it, then the guy realized it wasn't the patriotic song)...
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love," Queen (because I needed a confidence boost after that first song... it was slightly out of range)
"New York State of Mind," Billy Joel (another one that needed a note that said "down three steps" I think)

I didn't get to do "The Way," by Fastball, because time was up. I went home after this.

Sunday was an interesting day...

date grab

Saturday, May 22, I'm arriving in Boston in the morning. That evening I'd like to have a dinner mob... Trying to figure out how that could possibly work, logistically, though. I guess we could do the usual, go to Vinnie Testa's in Brookline, calling ahead. Alternately if enough people have cars we could all pile on out to Old Country Buffet at the Meadow Glen Mall. Comments/suggestions for not being utterly annoyed finding a place for a large mob to eat on a Saturday night?

Also, I'm thinkin' Sunday morning I'll want to get a bit of a dim sum mob for Chinatown. Emperor's Garden, or whatever that place built in the thater was called. Come to one or both events!