May 14th, 2004


sang a lot last night...

Let's see if I can remember it all... started off with unfamiliar songs...

"The Freshmen," The Verve Pipe (my voice didn't hold out for this... not sure why)
"Gimme Three Steps," Lynyrd Skynyrd (bombed)
"The Way," Fastball (rocked) (Thanks, joyrock, for pointing me at the discs on loan from Angie)
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love," Queen (rocked)
"Time Warp,": Rocky Horror Picture Show (rocked, with help from the cute redhead) (Thanks, nordicgrrl for steppin' aside ;)
"Pinch Me," Barenaked Ladies (not bad)

Apparently I left too early for the "nordicgrrl gets thrown in the pool by the drunk... whoever-it-was... and the good line from Angie. One of these days I gotta start planning on getting in late on Fridays. But that leaves so much less Friday night to enjoy! :-/

Edit: Oh, and I should add that it's really hard to do the Time Warp, while singing the Time Warp.
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I wonder if I can give up part of my ego and stay in a relatively pressure-free job, passing up the opportunity for higher opportunity, higher responsibility, higher pay, and higher stress.

It's kinda tempting at times. Especially times like this, where the last two days has had my social life just seem to "click," even without any kind of breakthrough to point at. Some of what happened the last two days could never have happened with the people I know in Boston; I can't imagine it.

I wish I could have my cake, eat it, have it on display in the lobby, and teach the recipe on Food Network.