May 6th, 2004



God, I hope that my voice joins millions of others on this, the United States of America's National Day of Prayer, in beseeching you to keep these people from imposing their religious will on us through the force of the US government. Come November 2, let Your Will be done and bring back our painfully won freedom of religion by ousting these traitors to the most sacred of the founding fathers' tenets from the White House.

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Holy Cow, but that man can speak

Garrison Keillor spoke at the Olmsted County DFL Fundraiser tonight, and that was the best $75 I have ever spent. I was nearly in tears at times as he spoke about what it is to be a Democrat, to believe in the common good, to move society forward, to speak to the country's conscience.

It was only afterwards, talking with one of the organizers of the event, that I found out that he's writing a book to come out soon on this subject... and I believe that everyone who was in that room will buy a copy, when they realize that they are being offered a chance to have that moment preserved in amber... I'm glad to have a signed program, but to have the words he said tonight available to me on my bedstand will be priceless.

We won't win with contempt; it's not our forté. Talk to your friends, one at a time, calmly, and we will win.
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