April 17th, 2004


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So i just had it pointed out to me that i'm in a very nice place in life right now, where I have a decent job, but the perfect excuse to leave it with two weeks' notice, I'm about to go month-to-month on my apartment for $50/mo extra, at least for May, and ... well, I'm about as free as I've ever been or ever will be. Even this campaign manager gig is only until mid-May, then I can go off to wherever.

And my top priority lately has been finding something to tie me down one place or another... Spiffing up my resume to find a job that holds me more tightly, looking at housing listings, pining for some sort of girlfriend.

What is it with me and freedom? I think I just didn't stop to think about it enough to appreciate it, not really...

In other news, the wireless earpiece for my cell phone is pretty cool, but it could be a little more uncomfortable, and a little less staticky. But what do I want for nothin'? A rubber biscuit?

I need people to look at my resume. Email me if you're willing to help. The most recent section seriously needs help; I can't wrap my mind around a decent way to word it.
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