April 15th, 2004


lookin' for a life here or y'ere

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In other news, I'm really zonked after today.

Really, the trouble with today started yesterday, when we were told we have a 5% paycut coming down the line sometime. I was sitting there hoping for a raise based on my kickass work on my latest projects, and instead, bam. So, that sucked the life out of me yesterday.

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I thought about working on my resume after that but instead watched tv and played some DAoC. Helped people do some stuff, but was almost totally unproductive, especially from a real life point of view. Went and looked at some sites for jobs, and found some interesting things in Boston. Worried that maybe I should be really careful about moving back to Boston; I don't know if it's really good for me socially.

Started thinking about the programming puzzle on one of the company sites, to see how I felt... and realized that with a little effort I really could do it, pretty easily. I got my groove back!

Then today was a tough day; got up too early, drove my car to the dealer, and took the dealer's shuttle to work... There was another guy on the shuttle who got off at a place near work... As he left I asked him half-jokingly if they were hiring, and he said they were. A little while later, looking at their site I saw a job I'd really like to apply for, Senior Software Engineer.

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So now I'm here looking at my resume. And just feeling tired to my bones. And I want a real job, with a future. Not a job where coworkers of mine are making less than they did five years ago.
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