March 27th, 2004



what... have we done?

Time to buckle down and help Bob follow through on ... campaign promises? I guess I'm going to be insanely active in Democratic politics after all! Because after all those people put their faith in Bob, and in his apparatus, there's no way I'm going to be the one to let them all down.

Our guy won by 20 or 30 votes, out of 300. After one of my friends went to the microphone for him and went negative on the opposition... I thought we were done. I thought we'd just flushed it.

That was such a surprising moment. Where did we get those votes? And how can I best help serve now? That's the only attitude I can take about this whole thing that doesn't consume me with guilty feelings.

Oh, and the reason I'm not still there on the floor of the convention is that I got called into work... Fifteen minutes of babysitting something, an LJ entry written, and I'm back off to the convention.
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