February 19th, 2004


dialogue (paraphrased from zephyr)

me: buying a pepsi iTunes thing from the cafeteria sucks. I have a choice of being immoral, and cheating to make sure I get a winner, or grabbing the first one off the shelf and probably being a sucker because someone else probably already looked at it and put it back.
wisdom's various voices: Just grab one of the ones in the back? I often do that with milk.
me: i know what i'm going to do. i'm going to cheat, in order to make my results come out to exactly 1/3.
wisdom 1: hee. that's an interesting moral choice :) I approve.
wisdom 2: So, what is the moral objection to looking under the cap, anyway? One could say that it's Pepsi's fault for making it possible to do so
me:because pepsi doesn't pay for the mistake, the next guy in line pays for it.
wisdom 2: The next guy in line can do the same thing, if he cares.
wisdom 1: if he knows. and there will be a guy who is only left with losers.
me: and then that guy buys no pepsi, getting a coke instead. which means pepsi pays for their own mistake. which is ok by me. this requires more thought.
wisdom 1: then again, there are probably plenty of people out there who don't care about iTunes and will throw out the caps. That's what the web site with instructions on peeking used to justify cheating.
wisdom 2: Those people should cheat to leave winners on the shelf, then.

My conscience would be so disappointed. I think I'm just gonna cheat when I can. (Usually I get my Diet Pepsi from a machine, though, and cheating isn't really an option there...) Pass the word on; everyone who cares about the songs should cheat, so that it becomes first come first serve, which is another kind of fair altogether.

Hmm. It still requires thought. I'm currently 2 for 5 thanks to a single swap in the cafeteria; I told myself that even if after the swap it was a loser I'd keep it, and I believe I meant it. I could still do this maintain the average thing if I wanted.
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