January 12th, 2004


states I haven't been to

Saw someone spreading the States I've Been To meme... Well, I'd do that, except it's easier to just say, the states I haven't been to are Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. I've been to Washington, but only in the airport, and that... doesn't count. So, forty-seven out of fifty.

I've been sleeping through the Dean stuff here, lately. No letters, barely performed my meetup host duties... Skipped the Somali outreach meetup Friday night. But I've been increasingly drained by work... and ironically, I think it's because I haven't been working hard enough there. Today I wrote some test code, and found a few problems, instead of having the directionless debug sessions show me that something somewhere is going wrong... I did actual software development, and I think that I'm finally through fighting the tools, and can get to the real stuff.

Ok. That's not coming out coherently. But, um, I think as work moves along faster now, as I let myself get into the job. Today was a start on that, and I feel better already.
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