December 22nd, 2003


Firefly movie talk!

Joss and the Firefly folks had a Q&A at the LA Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention, and AICN was there to cover it. Some highlights:
  • Whedon addressed the question of the "Firefly" movie before launching the Q&A. He confirmed that the script had been written and that the movie may or may not get made, but "it looks like we have a pretty good shot."
  • When someone mentioned that both Whedon and Edlund had worked on the "Titan A.E." script, Whedon groaned and remembered that, on the way home from the "Titan" screening, his wife told him to "say something funny so I’ll remember that you are."
  • Fillion revealed the tattoo he sported onscreen is indeed his own, an Egpytian glyph he claims can be translated to "Property of Gina Torres."
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