December 19th, 2003


want... phone...

FedEx is confused. There is no package here. They said they delivered it... Talked to a rep, they're going to talk to the driver and get back to me.

There are some confusing annotations on the shipment though, the rep said, so chances are they still have it after all. If it was stolen, well... They claim they have a release waiver on file, but I'm pretty sure I never signed one with FedEx ... not at this address, anyway.

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they left it on top of the mailbox. So someone in my building is the proud new owner of a Sony-Ericsson T610 cell phone. Seems unlikely they can use it, given that it's got identifying stuff in there... right?

Anyway, I told FedEx I'd wait 'til Monday to report it missing... I'm going to post a note, do stuff like that, and hope for the best.
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