December 12th, 2003


why didn't I see it before?

No Child Left Behind, education.
Healthy Forests Initiative, environment.
That Medicare thing, health care.

They're trying to take over and sabotage all the liberal points... Throwing up straw men so they can be put to the fire. So why didn't I see how this one fits in before just now?

Diebold, electronic voting.

There's such a massive amount of incompetence in their implementation of a simple system, it can't help but be intentional. That's how the Diebold CEO's delivering Ohio's electoral votes, not by providing electronic voting, but by scuttling it.

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You start with a small stage. A few characters, some minor structure. A town, a nearby forest, some caves. The ramshackle spaceport is the site of near-mystical action; when the rare transport comes in, everybody cranes their neck for a peek. As time passes, the characters gain in reputation and ability. And they outgrow their little corner of the world. Never let them be the biggest thing around; ambition should always be driving them to the next thing.

In games, as it should be in life. Hmm.
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