November 14th, 2003



That was a fun night :) The Dean Eight Days Later social was at a bar, where we hung out and stuff, and then at 8 we headed over to the Viking Lounge for some good ol' fashioned Karaoke. It started out slow enough, just our group and a couple of individuals taking turns... I got a good rendition of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in there. It was a good key for me, though I don't remember which it was.

I next signed up for "Hook", with the whole Pachelbel Canon thing goin' on, and the great lyrics... Just a great song. But it came up in E, and it was about one line in that I realized I needed it to be some other key. Any other key. I still did the fast part well, if tonelessly. When I went up for that I turned in my slip for the next song... and waited an hour and a half, chatting with the cute girls some of my friends brought along. It was fun! I suspect that their voices just happened to be in the range of frequencies that I can actually hear in a crowded bar; that helped a lot.

Finally, at 11:30, "Ramblin' Man" (in A flat) redeemed my dismal "Hook"; lots of our group hadn't been around for the first song, so it was good to be able to impress them some (grin). I chose a semi-country (Country Rock?) song to fit in a little better at that place. Lots of people were doing songs I'd never heard. Someone did the Dixie Chicks' Earl song.

Hm, I wonder if someone got a photo of me last night, to replace my current "karaoke" lj pic. This one was taken in Taiwan when I badly needed a haircut, and had 30 more pounds than I do now.
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horoscope for Pisces:

Pisces: (Feb. 19-March 20)
You've always had trouble controlling your base impulses, but they do lead you to have fun and experience cool things.

What do I do with that?
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