November 12th, 2003


maison japonaise de Minneapolis

Went up to Minneapolis last night to hang out with people who're in town for IETF... Saw someone I hadn't seen for ten years (ten years!) and got my DVD of Wizard of Speed and Time. We ate at a Japanese steakhouse which had exceedingly good steak (cut up for us right at the table...) So very tender and delicious, I find myself wishing I had had the guts to order it "very rare" like D did.

I got back home at 11:30, after getting a little lost trying to find my way out of Minneapolis. Lost my sense of direction in the city. I'll need to spend more time up there and learn my way around, at least a little; can't have that happen again!

Getting home that late messed up my whole plan to get dayshifted by the Boulder/Raleigh firewall appointment yesterday. But I don't mind. I'm at least somewhat reset to sane hours now; no more getting in as late as 9:30 or 10am for me!

EDIT: Cool things the chef did at the table: Juggling spice shakers. Juggling bowls of fried rice (well-packed bowls, but still...) Joking around in a cheesy manner. Juggling eggs on the flat spatulas, turning the spatula on the last throw to break the egg onto the grill. Making really yummy steak and walleye for me.
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speeding etiquette

Oh, and last night driving down from Minneapolis, I took a moment following a slow car in the left lane (only going 70 or so in the 65 zone) and waited maybe thirty seconds for him to pull over to the right... No tailgating or anything there... I then pulled over to the right, leaving plenty of room in front of the car a ways back in the right lane, and sped up to my cruising speed of 80 to pass. The car behind me followed me a few seconds later, and flashing lights came on behind him. Oh, yes, my heart skipped a beat at that point, and settled down pretty quickly when I saw both cars start to slow down as I pulled away. I slowed back down to 70.

I'd like to believe this is because I was courteous in the way I passed on the right only after giving the guy a chance, and the cop was waiting for a jerk. But I think it may just have been because the guy behind me got between the cop and me, and got unlucky.

I'm not even sure I saw what happened behind me right; the cop may have been following that other car for longer than that, or something like that. Who knows?

I've got delusions of good karma, I guess. :) Anyone know any state troopers? It'd be interesting to know more about how they pick which speeder to pull over... (And that's just curiosity speaking, though I'd probably end up using it for evil... though if courteousness gets you some slack, I think that would be a fine policy on their part, and conducive to my current driving patterns) (if you really believe passing on the right after giving the guy a long chance to move over is courteous).

Yep. Delusional. But it's a mass delusion, of which I am but one subject.
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