November 10th, 2003


"Do you support Rush?"

Sometimes it's worth clicking on a banner ad. I saw this one and had to submit to curiosity. The ad read "Do you support Rush?" and it had a very whitewashed professional-looking smiling picture of Rush, so it seems obvious that they're trying to get a good scientific sample for this poll of theirs. I took joy in voting in this poll, and I even gave them my email address, 'cause hey, it's worth it to be counted among intelligent people who see Rush Limbaugh as the hypocrite that he is.

Or did I just play into their hands by helping make it not a 100% sweep, to make it look more like it's a real poll of some sort? Hmm.

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good work today

Last week's frustration with the ancient build facility that the current production code is on has paid off in spades today as I added a new feature in one swell foop. Type in code, check it in. Get one syntax error ("irecrod" instead of "irecord" in one place in the code). Fix it, check in, build. Test. Pass.


I need a software engineering LJ icon. Hmm.

The Logical Progression

Days of Thunder
A Knight's Tale

A champion lies unrecognized in the mud, struggling to get out. The only thing that makes him a champion is the fact the he, himself, knows himself to be one. He is recognized by a wiser man, and is given that golden chance to reveal his true nature to the world.

It means everyone who knows himself to be a champion... is already one. The chance to be recognized is rare, but it can be made, if necessary. You can work with that horse, drive that car, joust that villain. And do it after sustaining a critical injury, no less. With no armor.

It means you can see in yourself the potential for greatness, even when no one else can... And it's there. Just like that. All you need is determination.

Seabiscuit was a great show. A great story. A great allegory. And I feel pretty good for having watched it.

Need to get up at 6am tomorrow, into work by 7. Great, huh? :) Off to bed I go.
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