October 20th, 2003


diet, Thanksgiving plans, and other ponderances

Mmm... happiness is seeing 256 again, less than a week after starting this thing (was hovering between 260 and 263 before). Helps that I have the DDR pad in position all the time now, and the coffee table off to the side, so it's easy to just play a quick game. It's not the traditional shape of a living room, but it's what will get me going.

I imagine walking around Manona, Iowa for four hours yesterday was also good for this. I'll get back to my pre-Rochester weight, and keep the diet going beyond that! That's the plan, anyway.

Got my tickets to Boston for Thanksgiving. Not that long a trip. Out Wednesday after a half day of work, back Sunday in the early evening. Expensive, but not as expensive as it would have been had I bought it last week; Continental did something funny, not sure what. (Other good news: they share miles with Northwest :) Now to figure out what I want to do while I'm in town.

I'd kinda like to run a one-shot game. Anyone want to play some D20 Modern? I can help with character creation between now and then...

iTunes for Windows has rejuvenated my use of the iPod and my music. I can finally rip my CDs onto a computer with a large enough hard drive to fill the iPod... not that I've filled it yet. I may also find myself buying music again... the old CDs are getting, well, old.
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