October 18th, 2003


good exercise day, and other rants

DDR this morning, 13 songs played on light, from 3 to 5 feet, a couple full combos, and most everything else A's. The last three were all doing the same five-foot song (Dark Black Forest?) since the first time I tried it I got a C... I ended up getting a C, a C, and an A on that song, as I started to learn it. I was tired by the end though, and there were some very tricky eighth-note bits in there.

Then I had my lunch of ziti with meat sauce. It was actually veggie sauce with crumbled spicy sausage on top, since I was thinking that at some point I may be feeding this batch to vegetarians, but that is looking less likely now. But it was yummy... the sauce doesn't have the same... something ... to it that it used to. Flavor? Goodness? Maybe I was easier to impress all those years ago in my first apartment, or something. Or, I do remember using infused olive oil for it back in the day; this time it was just plain ol' extra virgin.

After lunch was a bit of computer messing-around-with, during which I realized that what was really bugging me about my desktop computer wasn't so much a lack portability, as a lack of organism. So after a bit of getting things set up to be, um, intuititive, to me, it's feeling a lot less like laptop time. The other thing that makes it feel less like laptop time is the realization that there is no more time-critical factor to any of the laptop chase. The good deal is gone, and now it's back to the normal continuum of things. I priced out some Dell Inspirons last night, and they fit in right next to the new Compaq price. Plus, they had a $200 upgrade available for the video card, and that just makes it peachy cool; that was the only thing suboptimal about the Compaq...

On top of all that, I just went biking down to the Book Review, getting my new comics. Three miles each way, though on the way back my butt started hurting; I ended up walking the bike the last mile or so. Which is fine, since by then I had some groceries to carry. Decent little ride.

It's a beautiful day out there, so on the way back, before getting the groceries. I stopped at a beautiful little park with a bench, and sat, and read my comics. I don't know what it is about Girl Genius, but there's *something* about it. Love it.

So now comes the time when I figure out if I should punt on the gym. I've been there maybe once a month the past couple months. But come winter... it may become a bit more tempting. I think that it might just be a good idea to hold onto that membership so I can go in December and January and February, when it's all dingy outside. It's worth the money in the meantime. I was just looking to cut back on costs in preparation for justifying buying a laptop. Heh. Really, it'll be worth it in the months I can't do things like I did today.

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