October 17th, 2003

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It's at times like this when I feel less authentic a fan as other folks. It was exciting at the time, I was upset at the whole thing, but not really angry; people blame the coach for making a bad call leaving Pedro in. I say that's part of the game, and at the time the decision was made, there was a little conversation that happened online; someone asked "Why is Pedro still in?" and my response was "It's a bond between men. It's like one of those buddy movies, only in real life. It's the best thing about baseball."

I still think he should have given Pedro the choice when he did. I don't think that inning should have gone any other way; to do otherwise is to treat your players like cattle, moving them around like pieces on a board.

So anyway, I was upset they had lost, very upset that neither the Red Sox nor the Cubs were going to the World Series, and annoyed that I'll have to be rooting for the Marlins soon. Then I went to bed after half an hour to cool down... and I've woken up, and it just doesn't seem so important anymore.

This is why I call myself a fair-weather fan. It's one of the nicest fan types to be... I remember back when the Vikings were beat by the Falcons in... what, 2000?... cheated out of their shot at the Super Bowl by a bad day. That depression lasted longer than this. Maybe I'm starting to prepare myself for this kind of thing, especially where the Red Sox are concerned? I dunno.

Just wait 'til next year. I actually want it for the Cubs more than for the Sox next year, at the moment.
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I knew it! It was a good deal! A great deal! The laptop I was looking at for $1300 at Amazon just went up to $1425 overnight. I guess they figured out some accounting error or something, and decided to fix it. I missed my chance at a deal, because I was afraid, or something. And now my instincts are telling me "$1425 is still a good deal for this hardware, you should still buy it." And they're right. And I have to keep myself from buying it the day after they raise the price; what kind of message is that sending Amazon, and their high-tech traffic-analyzing code?

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Should have bought it yesterday. It feels so bad to have had overridden my instincts on something that was so right.

Oh, and I'm starting to get the second wave of pain about the Red Sox, too, so maybe I am a true fan after all.

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Ok, Joan of Arcadia just made my short list...

Was frustrated all day long, annoyed at laptop, pissed at work, and unmoved by the dinner I cooked for my parents. Various TV shows were amusing or thought-provoking... Yesterday's West Wing rerun was very nice, watching Sam make a tough decision on the spot, and the emotion that Donna put into influencing him there. Happy Family was amusing in between the insanely embarrassing moments.

Joan of Arcadia simply made my day better. All set.

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