October 16th, 2003


it's back...

the laptop-buying urge is back, this time set off by an offer in the mail for 0% APR for one year on balance transfers... Which means, once again, that I'd have a year to pay off the purchase. It'd be easy. Also, this would be a nice card to have; higher return rate on the card, and in cash rather than "sony points"... I've still got about $450 worth of Sony brand stuff coming to me that I don't know how to spend...

What is it with me and stuff?

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Star Wars novels?

So, for someone looking for some good Star Wars novels to read, who has never gone outside the five extant episodes on celluloid... What would one recommend?

It's, um, for a friend. Yeah, that's the ticket.

(Oh yeah, and woohoo! iTunes for Windows!)

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weight watchers time.

Well. It's definitely time to start on Weight Watchers. I just spent a day thinking I was eating extremely healthy, then at the end of the day I added up the points... and came up 4 points over my limit for a day. I hate to think what would happen if I were to add up one of my worse days, like yesterday.

Here's what I ate today, and the point values of the various items: Breakfast: Bagel (5), can of V-8 (1).

Lunch: Wendy's doublestack w/ cheese (10), 5 chicken tenders (6), and a caesar sald, no croutons (4).

Dinner: ham sandwich (6), yogurt (2).

34 points, and at 260 pounds (yes, I'm all the way back up there, 15 pounds above my nadir...) I'm only allowed 30 in a given day.

And I'm still cooking my spaghetti sauce and taking little sips and tastes... I figure that'll be another two points if I'm not careful, by the end of the night. I'll try to keep it down to one. :) It's a two-and-a-half hour simmering process, though, and the temptation is great, especially since that sandwich and yogurt left me feeling a bit hungry. But only for about ten minutes after I finished... then I got better. I've got to work to remember that trick. Writing down food helps a lot.

Now, I'm watching game seven... and so far it's looking pretty good.
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    Game seven
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Red Sox


I still think it was the thing to do, to respect Pedro and keep him in when he asked to. Don't care what anyone says.

Note that I'm saying this right after they intentionally walked Ruben Sierra... I still say we're going to face the Marlins.