September 10th, 2003


food for thought

It would be a really good life if I could go through the rest of it pretty much always thinking, "Wow, I was so clueless a year ago."

Meme of the day seems to be "sum me up in one word." Have at it, if you please.
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upcoming stuff

Going to the bar tomorrow night for Dean "Eight Days Later" - our local invention that is supposed to cure the "Meetups don't seem social enough" bug. We'll see how it goes. Saturday I get to go meet all nine candidates and Bill Clinton at the Harkin Steak Fry. That should be very exciting. :) This will also be a good chance to meet my fellow Minnesotans for Dean; we're having a little pre-event rally to hang out at.

I suppose I should think about having a Dean user icon, but... which would I get rid of? I like 'em all currently, and losing one would mess up the archives, wouldn't it?
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