August 10th, 2003


lately... I've been thinking XBox

I went to Best Buy today and stared down an XBox and Knights of the Old Republic. I resisted the urge, thankfully. Don’t need it. I can wait for KotOR coming to the PC in November, and... the most fun part of the XBox deal would be hacking it, if I decided to do that, I think. That could be fun.

On the topic of customization, yesterday one of the Dean supporters at the fundraiser was talking about his Volkswagen, how he went on and got some alloy wheels for his TDI Golf (nice car!)... and I said “next you’ll be saying I should chip it.” (referring to the replacement software that some third parties sell for modern cars...) And he said “you should chip it.” And we got to talking about what that actually means...

It sounds pretty cool. I’ll have to give the site a look. Chipping things sounds like fun, be they VW or XBox.
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neverwinter nights

I knew I could do better than buying an Xbox and the Star Wars game... Just turned away from all the potential purchases from Best Buy (no KotOR, no Splinter Cell for GameCube, no Saiyuki DVD, not even a light for my GBA), and instead came home and dug out my copy of Neverwinter Nights... And I’m back on the track of the Waterdhavian creatures! Woohoo!

Can’t believe I never finished this. I must truly be mental.
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