June 17th, 2003



I haven’t said the pledge of allegiance in, like, 15 years. But tonight the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) Party meeting started with it, and I picked it right up. It felt weird, the rote recital of patriotism; the pledge of allegiance always felt very much... artificial. My feelings for this country is belittled by being smushed into such a trite statement, stated in a flat tone of voice... dropping out for the “under god” part, since I believe that strongly in separation of church and state.

But other than that the DFL meeting was ... something else. Wow. There was this presentation about the proposed increase in coal burning at the town power plant downtown, and the current air quality, and what this would do. I think they could really use a science advisor over there in that community group (it wasn’t the DFL, but rather a group of concerned citizens), and I’m tempted to offer my help in that way... Or at least refer them to some books by Tufte.

But in general it was a welcoming group, if I felt a little ghetto for being a Dean guy. But we’ll see what we see as time goes on. Next month is some kind of State DFL Training... thing... and in general, I may just get into this thing.

The website is an interesting hook... It’s tempting to take it more general, away from being a Dean-specific site, to get more people on there, give it more general appeal. On the other hand, navrins had a point... why this site? The only thing I can think of is “because you know me, and because I know lots of interesting people, and they like to talk politics intelligently.” And if I could get them talking there... well, then, it would become something incredible.
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