June 15th, 2003


*whew* Done! well, Started.

Deanites.org is up and getting its slow little start, seeded with a few stories I gleaned off our local political mailing list. Soon it’ll be ready for me to announce, but for now it’s kinda up in a not-prettified form. Hopefully I’ll be making more adjustments over the next few weeks, to make it nicer (get rid of those red corners, that kind of thing...) and then announce it, get a slew of people talking politics intelligently, and see us figure out the solution to the world’s problems right there in the forum! Yeah!

It took some doing, but everything seems to be up and running. Kick ass. :)
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Now that I’m employed again I can start thinking about some of those purchases I’ve been putting off, like DS9 and B5 DVDs. How to schedule it so I don’t go all-out on a spending binge, buying up all the DS9 and B5 currently available (it would cost $560 or so, I think, which is more than I want to spend by a lot)... If I wanted to buy one set right now, just one set, what would it be?

B5 Season 2 is tempting, since that would be a lot of fun to watch again. Season 1 would also be fun to rewatch... DS9 season 1 will probably be the last thing I buy, eventually, when it’s time to finish up my collection for completeness’ sake. No, wait. B5 season 5 will come after that, possibly at the infinity point. But anyway, the other option that comes up is DS9 Season 2 or 3... since it’s been a long, long time since those were on TV, and I’m not sure I remember what happens in them. It could be nice to see them again, for the first time. Some of that time I may not even have been watching, and it could really be episodes I’d be seeing for The First Time!

Hmm... More thought must go into this.
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