June 9th, 2003


broken things

It's been a week for things getting broken... my iPod is broken (I now have an RMA and a box coming...), I broke my server (upgrading a kernel from 1300 miles away is daaaaangerous business. I wonder when I'll finally get someone to go fix it. Maybe tonight.) I reinstalled my firewall server and broke dhcpd.conf and failed to notice that I had done so. So I spent an hour or two debugging the wrong problem (didn't help that I had a headache all day, keeping me from focusing properly). But I got my hacking hours in this weekend, and played with some user-mode linux stuff. Maybe running slash on the server won't endanger the rest of the machine after all.

On the other hand, I also got to cook a couple times in the past few days... I made burritos for my parents Saturday at lunchtime, and that was really yummy. (And look! They're selling irradiated ground beef in the midwest now!) And yesterday I made pancake batter... this morning I cooked up some pancakes for breakfast, and with the strawberries in syrup provided by my mom, it was a feast of a breakfast! Mmm...

Soon I'll have my server back. And then... then they will see! Bwahaa! What do I mean by this? I have no idea.
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