May 30th, 2003


thoughts on a Friday evening

I just realized, I’m really enjoying my job. It’s not just that it’s a job, either; they’ve got me doing some C, some Java, some sysadmin, and some going to meetings to discuss what’s needed... And I’m there as a consultant, so I’m expected to give an opinion on how things work. I’m a kickass addition to this team... Today I checked in my code and ran the program, and it really felt good. The infrastructure in place really makes everything feel like ... there’s a place for everything, and everything’s in its place. While the place doesn’t always make perfect sense, it just helps that there is a place. Release engineering, or whatever this is, feels good.

I miss the people of Boston... but I miss very little else there. Maybe Comicazi. And Storrow Drive at 3am. And Ethernopian food (though I have a place to be trying in the twin cities sometime... but it won’t be the same without the people...)

I’m dayshifted and glad to be there. I read a book over the last few days, The Eyre Affair, and I’ve started another one. That’s right, I have time to read again... My car’s gas mileage is way up as I don’t have to drive “city miles” as much anymore, even in my commute. And it’s just... feeling good.

I could be doing better socially but I have met some folks and went to a barbecue with them on Monday at Whitewater State Park... there’s a bit of hope there, definitely :) Also tomorrow I’m doing a political thing, prepping for a Dean fundraiser Thursday, the day after the next Meetup. So maybe that’ll be a good social thing. We’ll see.
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